Biography of Valentina Mintah-Newly appointed ICC Executive Board Member


Ghanaian business mogul Valentina Mintah has been appointed onto the Executive Board of the International Chamber of Commerce.

The International Chamber of Commerce is the world's largest business network which has spread in over 130 countries. It has served over a billion with employment all over the world.

Valentina Mintah is the first Ghanaian to ever make it to the executive board of the noble organisation. She owns and manages a company by name West Blue Company in Ghana. Madam Valentina Mintah has worked for a hardware and computer producing company. Being known to the world as a great business mogul, Valentine has worked in Crown Agents in the United Kingdom. She is specialised in Business Systems Analysis and Design.

Valentina Mintah has worked with major associations like the European Union, United Nations, World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. She has founded a number of companies in the country and has been accredited in Africa.

The other appointed members include Jane Sun from China, Takeshi Niinami from Japan, Sheikh Al-Thani from Qatar. and others.