Meet the First Somali Female Pilot to Take to the Skies in Somalia

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Captain Yasmin Abdi Farah (center) celebrates after becoming the first female pilot to fly the Somali skies. Her maiden flight was from Mogadishu to KismaiyoCaptain Yasmin Abdi Farah of Kenya created history in Somalia when she flew for the first time as a full Captain.

Abdi made history as the first female Somali pilot to fly in Somalia since the country's civil war broke out in 1991.

Passengers watched with bated breath as Abdi took to the skies for her first trip as a full-fledged captain, making history.

The pilot, a Wajir County native, flew from Mogadishu to Kismayo, noting that she had previously served as the first officer on earlier flights.

"I arrived at Sayid Mohamed Abdille Hassan International Airport on my first day as a captain. I landed at this airport multiple times, but I was always the first officer in the correct seat "She declared as soon as she arrived in Kismayo.Yasmin Abdi Farah becomes first Somali female pilot since the collapse of  Somali government in 1991.

Zeytuun, her first officer, expressed her pride in seeing a female captain aboard the plane.

"I'm happy because today is our day; it's Captain Yasmin's day," she said.

Captain Osman Amin, one of Abdi's instructors, expressed his congratulations on Abdi's incredible achievement and stated that she will be a role model for young females throughout the East African region.

"After years of tough training and serving as a first officer in the crew, I am really excited to watch Yasmin become a full pilot today." It is now up to her to fulfill her obligations."Here's Why Planes Fly at 36,000 Feet | Travel + Leisure

Passengers on board were also happy to see a female captain on the aircraft.

"Seeing a Somali lady fly us is a fantastic thing for us, and I'd like to encourage the other Somali girls to take a page from her," one of the passengers said.

Abdi's incredible achievement highlights the incredible achievements of Kenyans in the diaspora. Noreen Kidunduhu, a Nairobi lawyer, recently made history when she was named chairperson of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II bestowed a royal charter on the worldwide organization.

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