Lil Win Angrily Speaks English


There has been a lot of speculations concerning Lil Win and Sandra Ababio if they are dating or not. 

Lil Win did not take it likely at all when he was asked in an interview about his relationship with actress Sandra Ababio. He bluntly told the interviewer not to ask him stupid or foolish questions during interviews. Lil Win is a business man and an actor who always has his mind on making making so questions like this really makes him angry. 

Lil Win also warned that he does not like people who tarnish the image of others, indicating that he might be forced to stop granting interviews if such things don’t stop.

Lil Win is a handsome man so even if he is dating Sandra Ababio, it doesn't really concern anybody. It's about time the media and bloggers stopped interfering in people's private lives and bringing up issues that can tarnish their image. So if Lil Win got angry concerning the question he was asked, he has the right to be angry with the interviewer.

A lot of people are being pressured by the media concerning their personal issues in life which should be kept private because these pressures are killing a lot of people secretly and it's destroying their lives.

Do you think Lil Win would have loved to date Sandra Ababio? Or Do you think that Lil Win over reacted concerning the question he was asked?

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