Simple Indicators That You Are A Happy Couple

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1. Respect

Constant respect is the most vital part of a strong relationship.It makes you feel valued, and creates a powerful base of trust, gratitude, and loyalty.Always make sure task about your partner’s day and genuinely listen. Instead of screaming, listen your partner's feelings and try to understand from their perspective.

2. Spending time together

No matter how different your past and jobs are, enjoying each other’s company with activities you both like is important.You can simply cook together, share a cup of coffee, or even go hiking.

3. Screen free time

Watching Netflix is the best especially when you’re both tired from work.But when you watch TV, your attention shifts outwards rather than on each other.Try to spend some time together that is phone or television free so you can really focus on each other.

4. The little things matter.

You don't need to make some grand gesture to show someone that you love them.The little things matter way more than spending a ton of money on expensive jewelry.You can consider completing a chore you know your partner doesn’t like, getting them their favorite drink or leaving little sticky notes around the house.

5. Physical intimacy

It is natural for some couples to fall into a turmoil in their s3x life, especially if they have been together for a while.However, there are other kinds of physical intimacy that can release the love hormone, oxytocin.This includes holding hands, kissing, hugging and sharing massages.This closeness will strengthen your bond while reducing stress.

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