GSS Online Training Becomes A Burden For The Prospective Regional Trainers?


GSS Online Training Becomes a Burden For Prospective Regional Trainers?

Ghana Statistical Service began the training of regional Trainers on 28th April, 2021 via zoom. The training runs from 28th April 2021 to May 11, 2021.

The training of has turned to a burden on prospective regional Trainers, the online training on zoom starts from 12pm to 7pm each day. Internet connection has been a major challenge for the prospective regional Trainers, some have to relocate their residence of abode to a nearby location where internet access is available. Even with the internet connectivity, some of the regional Trainers access the zoom through their mobile phones, you can imagine connecting a mobile phone on zoom for seven hours.

The Prospective regional Trainers are appealing to the management of Ghana statistical Service to consider face-face training rather than online training.

According to Ghana statistical Service, all participants of the training program should find a locations that will help them overcome the challenges in accessing the internet. This is because the only basis of having a fair selection of people to the face-to-face level of training is through these assessments. 

Participants of the zoom training will be selected for face-face training, that’s the final stage of the training program.

Prospective regional Trainers are to conduct training for the field officers and enumerators who will be deployed to the country to conduct population and housing census.

GSS is in the process of finalizing the selection of enumerators, supervisors and field officers for the 2021 population and housing census.

Management of Ghana Statistical Service has addressed the concerns of prospective regional Trainers who are facing challenges in accessing the online training.

Poor internet connectivity in some parts of the country; 

New Prospective Regional Trainers who joined.

In view of these concerns, a decision is being taken to consider using the other modes of assessments in order not to disadvantage anyone. We, therefore, encourage all and sundry to study the training materials well and prepare for the subsequent assessments in order for everyone to be at the same level of understanding.