Try these 5 tricks yo make your marriage work.

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Bring your marriage back on track, no matter how far it has fallen apart. There are five simple things you may do to improve your marriage. But you must give up these five things, and they are completely free! Scroll down to find out what those five items are.

1. Unrealistic expectation

You as a couple have to paint the blank canvas that you began together. The hurdles of unrealistic expectations will suffocate you both and the colors that could be splashed on the white sheet won’t be seen. Give up now on those unrealistic ideas and expectations. Expect only what does not pressurise your partner. Otherwise, you will pave a path to misunderstanding, resentment, and bitterness.

2. Quitting controlling each other

If you both are dynamic, clashes are inevitable but how strike a balance takes time. You have to practice balancing your individuality and conformity. You cannot afford to stick to only your principles and ideas and values for that matter. You have to bend and pay equal regard to your partner’s opinions. If you are not doing that then you are adding some negative elements to your marriage.

3. Abandon some possessiveness.

Your companion may not be a possession. Regardless of how long you've been together. Everyone requires their own space to breathe and grow. Trust each other since possessiveness can be a significant roadblock for your companion, and that can drive him or her away.

4. Criticise less

This can be a very dangerous habit. You must give up this soon and you will appreciate the simple gestures he/she will make for you. Praise your partner for the positive aspects of their personality and for accomplishing something that many people might consider inconsequential. Small gestures are important.

5. Minimize trying to fix your partner

A person may be difficult to fix since we are imperfect. Every person has vices, which we must tolerate and adjust to it.

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