"I Pray You Get Someone Who Will Love You The Way You Are" Pritty's Message To Simple Boy

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Stivo Simple Boy's relationship with his girlfriend has not been working well in the recently days and has resulted to break up. This comes after Pritty Vishy who was Simple Boy's girlfriend confirmed that they have broken up days after confirming that they were in a relationship with him.

However, she come out and confirmed their break up after she posting a message wishing Stivo Simple Boy well in his future relationship. Pritty also said that Stivo Simple Boy was not able to protect him and barely made any decisions regarding his career, with his management going on to under pay him.

"Stivo Simple Boy am happy for you, thank you for your time we have been together. I pray you get someone who will love you the way you are," read Pritty's post that was posted by Y254.

Pritty also claimed that Stivo Simple Boy was not a man of his words or ready to get help from others neither from her or Kenyan. This came after claims that were brought forward in the past by people close to Simple Boy, only for the Kenyan artist to end up denying them while showing up in a united front, alongside his controversial management team. "I tried a lot to help him but he didn't take it seriously, I wish him well," concluded Pritty.

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