Video- Ndc camp on ‘fire’ as members destroy properties over misunderstandings among themselves


Headquarters of the national democratic congress, the Ndc is currently blazing with commotion. Mostly, political parties are seen fighting themselves in an opposing and politically related manner. However, there are a few occasions in which members belonging to the same political groups have been seen fighting each other.

The Ndc have surprised the whole of Ghana as one of their headquarters experiences one of the hottest misunderstandings leading to the destruction of party properties. In a current and circulating video, members of an Ndc headquarters were seen in a brawl as they threw items at each other and scattered the whole place.

In this video circulating, members of Salaga Ndc group were seen in a very disturbing scene. They threw items at each other and caused commotion and a lot of chaos. The place was on fire (tensed with a lot of violence) with party members being physical with each other.

One of Ndc’s head offices in Salaga where this issue took place is alleged to be guarded by security personnels at the moment to prevent further problems. Only a few were reported injured but no lives were lost in any way in this misunderstanding.

watch full video below and comment for more.