Graduate Opted to Keep Pigs and Chicken Instead of Seeking a Job in a World Whom Do You Know Matters

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While many graduates are still unable to secure good employment opportunities across the country, few take agribusiness after failing to get white-collar jobs. Several have been to reconsider their stand and forced to find alternative income generating avenues.

Masello Mokhoro, a young go-getter lady, embraced the attitude of an entrepreneur while her friends were being carefree. From selling soap with her grandma to selling chocolates and snacks at primary school, she has always helped her family get money.

Humble Background Triggers Hardwork

She had to take on a lot of responsibility much earlier than typical children as an only child of a single mother who worked as a seasonal farmworker.

Her enterprising zeal has prompted her to start her agri-business, Starlicious Enterprises, which raises broiler chickens and pigs for the meat industry.

Her company's name is "innovatively feminine," but she picked it on purpose to send a strong message that a lady can be just as competent in farming as anybody else.

When asked why she chose to establish her firm after finishing her education, Mokhoro says that her difficulty as a woman trying to break into the sector was the driving reason behind her choice to go it alone.

The Future of Poultry Farming in Kenya

"I had to obtain practical experience on a farm for a whole year in my second year of study, but getting a farm placement as a woman was a major issue." Even when I was able to secure a position, I was frequently advised to stay in the kitchen," she continues.

Why Looking for a Job was not Her Option

"That's when I realized I'd be dealing with the same types of issues once I'd finished my education like I had to start seeking a job after college." As a result, I decided to create my own company. In addition, I hoped to be able to support my family with my university stipend while I was studying.

Mokhoro says she opted to work with pigs and hens because they are intensively grown and have limited access to land. She participated in a business concept workshop at university and was picked as one of the lucky winners, which helped Starlicious Enterprises get off the ground.

Her determination to overcome the challenges she faces continues to yield fruit.

Mokhoro recently received the thrilling news that she had been chosen as one of the top 26 Anzisha Prize fellows, out of hundreds of applicants from around Africa.

She won about KES 4.5 million in cash and services to help her start a business.

The fellowship prize is given to young entrepreneurs aged 15 to 22 who will participate in a three-year fellowship program in which they will gain important business skills.

What You Should Learn from Her Before Starting Your Agribusiness

First, have a strong desire to succeed in that endeavour; it will help to motivate you along the road.

Secondly, conduct a thorough study on the cost, market, estimated returns, and losses.

Thirdly, always begin with a modest step.

Fourthly, maintain accurate and up-to-date records.

Last but not least, keep an optimistic attitude.

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