The Recent Birthday Of The First Lady Shows She Does Not Need Salary.

The managing editor of the Insight News paper has joined a host of many citizens in condemning the policy by the government to give monthly salary to wives of president and vice president.

According to him, the lavish lifestyle of the spouses of president and vice president does not qualify them to be paid by the state. He indicated that, the kind of things these spouses have will not make you expect the state to pay them salary.

Speaking on the Pan African TV morning show, he said the first lady in particular, Mrs Rebecca Akuffo Addo, does not deserve to be paid by the state if you consider the lavish nature her recent birthday celebration. He claims that some body that does not have money could not organize such celebration.

He also mentioned that these first and second about donating millions of Ghana cedis to orphanages and hospitals. If they are so financially distressed, how do they get those monies to donate.

He expressed his worry that the government does not think of the wives security men and other women who have so many children to care for. What is wrong with this country! He asked

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