After Nengi flaunted her Bikini photos, see how social media users reacted


Nengi Hampson, a 22-year-old reality show star, has wowed fans and social media users after flaunting her flawless skin and showing off her freshly made tattoos.

Remember that Nengi was on several internet users' hot-button list after she was accused of doing liposuction and having surgery to enlarge her bum.

Nengi, on the other hand, used her official Twitter handle to capture the attention of many as she posed in her well-fitting bikini outfit with Remy (a refined wine).

A few of her fans and internet users couldn't help but wonder at her ability to dazzle when responding to this. So many people let themselves be swept away by her beauty, while others made sweet marriage proposals.

See the screenshots below for more details;

Nengi is more or less into fashion and, much of the time, a model, as she has previously been used to advertise skincare products. She is also believe to be in an entanglement with Ozo (one of the Big Brother Naija Season 5 Contestants).

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