Frida Kajala Talks About Forgiveness as She Sends an Advice to Fans on Social Media.

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Tanzanian based digital influencer, Frida Kajala have talked about forgiveness on her social media platforms. The mother of one shared a cryptic post on Instagram where she talked about forgiveness. After posting this, Kajala sent an advice to her online fans by urging them to be careful on who they let close to them.

Frida Kajala shared a long post on her Instagram stories talking about forgiveness. This came after her ex boyfriend, Harmonize pleaded with her to forgive and take him back. Well, the business woman stated on the post that: 'Forgiveness isn't saying what they did was ok, it's just saying you won't hold on to that negative energy any longer'.

The mother of one went ahead and sent an advice to her fans by urging them to remember who checks on them when they are quiet. He told them that those are the their real friends. Here is the full post.

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