Heart Failure Kills Instantly Avoid Too Much Intake Of This 4 Food If You Want To Live Long

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Heart failure is one of the heart disease, this occurs when your heart can no longer pump blood as well as it should.

Below are the 4 Foods to avoid.

1. Processed meat

Processed meat such as hot dog, sausage and salami are not good for human heart, they contain lager amount of salt and saturated fat which lead to heart failure, avoid too much intake of it is not good.

2. Alcohol

Too much of alcohol in the body is not good it may lead to heart failure and stroke, so avoid too much intake of alcohol is very bad to human health.

3.Red Meat

Red meat is one of the normal meat we eat gotten from so many source such as Cow known as Beef, Sheep known as Mutton and Pig known as Pork. Red meat contain highly amount of saturated fat, which can lead to cholesterol so avoid too much intake of it.

4. Ice cream

Too much intake of ice cream is not good to our heart, ice cream contain highly sugar, calories and fats. Avoid too much intake of it.

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