Opinion: The Perfect Age For A Person To Get Married And Build A Good Family


Some people believe that there is no specific age for one to get married. They believe that best age to marry is when you are mature and know you ready for marriage. Maturity is considered a key aspect to enable a person handle difficult situations that may arise in the marriage. Photo: Courtesy

According to various studies, a person usually matures at the age of 25. This is the age at which one can start thinking of getting married. However, its advisable not to rush into marriage as one may end up entangled in a toxic relationship. Most youths marry too quickly at a young age and unfortunately end up divorced. This is why one need to exercise patience and choose the right partner at the right time. Photo: Courtesy

According doctors it may be difficult to conceive when one is in her late thirties. Therefore, ladies are advised to get married earlier to avoid such outcomes. Doctors also advise most women to give birth before they hit 35 years old. Babies born by women at their late thirties may also have high chances of having congenital anomalies and birth defects.

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