Wenesday UEFA champions league matches and predictions


Champions league is back .Wedenesday matches are as follows.Beskitas will play aganist dortmund.Beskitas has won three out of their last four matches.Dortmund has won three out of their last four matches.Dortmund to win or draw.Sheriff will play aganist shakhtar.Shakhtar to win or draw.

Paris will play aganist club brugge.In this match paris look stronger;considering they have the former barcelona star Lionel Messi.Paris to win or draw.

Manchester city will play aganist leipzig.Out of man city's last four matches,they have won three and had a draw in one.Manchester city to win or draw.

Atletico madrid play aganist porto.This match looks tough,since the two teams have good players.Either of the teams will win.Liverpool will play aganist milan.Liverpool look a bit stronger than milan.Possible prediction is liverpool win or draw.

Ajax will play aganist sporting gp.In this match ajax looks more competitive.Ajax to win or draw.Inter will play real madrid.Real madrid are likely to win or draw.

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