How to prepare the Pumkin leaves and get the nice taste



1. Two bunches of Pumpkin leaves.

2. Two medium sized tomatoes.

3. One large onion.

4. Two tablespoons of vegetable cooking oil.

5. Half teaspoons of salt.

6. Half cup of water.

7. Two tablespoons of traditional sodium bicarbonate.

8. Garlic clove.

Prepare the pumpkin leaves, wash and cut them well in a clean kitchen basin then place it aside.

Light your source of heat and then take a cooking pot and add half cup of water with two tablespoons of traditional sodium bicarbonate then place it on heat and let it bubble. Add the pumpkin leaves in the boiling water and let it cook until tender.

Wash your tomatoes, onions and garlic clove then slice tomatoes and onion in different bowls and grind garlic clove. Take another clean cooking pot and place on the heat then add two tablespoons of vegetable cooking oil with onion and let it fry until brown.

Add tomatoes with grinded garlic and let it cook until tender. Add the cooked pumpkin leaves and mix well then cover the cooking pot with a clean lid to cook.

Open the lid and add a pinch of salt to taste then cover the cooking pot for two minutes to cook. Bring the cooking pot out of the heat then serve your pumpkin leaves when hot with ugali.