Lindiwe Sisulu got blasted after she was spotted wearing A military uniform.

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Military uniforms do not make one a leader; in fact, I believe that deadwood is only helpful for lip service; you lead by example, not lip service. 

Lindiwe Sisulu must be brought together. To avoid being sacked, all eight ANC provinces will continue to support Cyril Ramaphosa for president, eliminating the need for him to satisfy or appease any faction, as only KZN will vote for a RET member to lead the ANC. 

#LindiweSisulu isn't supposed to be in the Cabinet. In a functional democracy, the Head of the Executive would quickly remove a member of the Executive who launched a deliberate and destructive attack on the independence of the judiciary. 

"Stay in your lane, youngster; your peers drive Porsches to Matric; why aren't you doing the same and leaving these important issues to us cerebral elders?" A recommendation.l 

He's compromised, though, since he understands that making such a choice will empower the RET force, jeopardizing his chances of being elected president for a second term. Although @LindiweSisuluSA stated some truths, it's not dumb to separate them from her self-serving aspiration to become the next president. 


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