Best & Unique World Places To Go For A Vacation This Year

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The world is a fascinating place with over thousands of beautiful scenaries. Identifying where to go on a vacation to unwind can pose a great challenge to you and your loved ones. However, in this guide I will be able to tell you great and unique places to visit in the world. Based on expert opinions, reader votes and current trends, I was able to compile a list that might be of great help to you.


This is a small country situated between Germany, France and Belgium. The country portrays a fairy tale vibe thanks to its many castles and fortresses. It'd be like walking down the street of Luxury while playing a character in The Cinderella fairytale. Luxembourg is undoubtedly the greatest story that is about to be told. Perhaps you haven't thought about visiting Luxembourg but this should be a reason enough. Moreover, the city has many cultural festivals and museums. In fact, the full name of the country is The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, which just seeps with regalness and sophistication.

But the real magic of this fairytale lies in the neverending natural beauty that seems to wrap the country under some sort of spell and will capture you, too. The lakes glisten in a way that seems out of a dream, and the mountains tower over in a way that can only be described as powerful, yet humbling. If you are a lover of nature this is where you should be.


As a lover of Mediterranean destinations and places like Greece, Tunisia should definitely be on your vision board. To make it even cool, Tunisia is a country in Africa. The country is located on the Southern Coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It binds different cultures fusing both the past and present worlds. Throughout the country, you’ll find ancient ruins and artifacts sprinkled among the jaw-dropping sites, both natural and human-made that are even more inspiring the longer you gaze. Tunis, the capital city is a must visit once you get to this magnificent country. The architecture of the city is impeccable with amazing spots to chill out and unwind.


Ecuador is a place commonly known but barely visited. The few people who have been to this destination are dreaming of going back. Ecuador is derived from the fact that the country is located at the center of the world. The Equator runs through it, an amazing fact and beautiful site for your eyes. The place has great cultural, historical and natural sites to soothe your eyes.


This is a small country but filled with big adventure. Belize is located in Central America on the Caribbean Sea. This compact country is a picturesque haven for those dreaming of travel when it is safe to do so. This is a safe heaven for those who want to go back to nature and bond with it. The country feels like a huge greenhouse as it's filled with luscious greenery and fauna. Activities to partake while on vacation include Snorkeling and scuba diving to see the vast marine life, cave exploring to tap into ancient history and archeology.


Chances are high that you've never heard of this place before. As my final destination place, Tuvalu is found in the Polynesian region of the South Pacific. The country has six atolls and three Islands. Tuvalu is a commonwealth country making Queen Elizabeth ii the reigning monarch. The residents of Tuvalu make you want go back and back again. Lodges ran by families are welcoming and warm. Tuvalu does offer an experience that goes beyond the old cliche of "getting off the grid."

I hope you enjoyed my blog. This guide will be of great help to you if you are interested to tour unique and new places.

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