Fiction: I Will Pay Any Man GH¢50,000 Weekly If He Can Marry Me Under These Conditions


When has it become a bad behavior for a woman to be rich and well off and still have a nice man to marry? Africa has made us acknowledge that the woman should be intensely impacted by the man, but I am boldly against that. A woman should be accepted to be equal to the man, she ought to be cared for while the man is to be respected. 

What truly have the impact between a man and a woman? After all we are generally individuals, we all in all legitimacy all that nature needs to bring something to the table. And I support the idea that women should be allowed to work and get their money, they should be allowed to also marry their own man.

However, it is popularly said that what a man can do a woman can more better. I'm a woman that fall into such class, I have achieved that I'd expected to achieve, I have my own house(s), vehicles, companies and in excess of 18 billion GH¢ in my account. All I am looking for now is a man to marry me and we ought to have a concurrence. 

I have gone over men who went with the sole purpose of duping me since they understand I have it. I'm done with all this sad story, I need a man that can love me for me and under my condition whom I will pay for his responsibilities. Coming up next are relatively few conditions I listed out for any person who is interested. 


1. The men should be prepare to stay at home the whole day and care for the children. 

2. The man should be committed. 

3. The man should be of genotype AA and blood group O+. 

4. He should be alluring and especially prepared, and a nonsmoker. 

5. He should not question me at whatever point he sees me with another man. 

6. The man should be prepare to wash every one of my pieces of clothing since I can't bear making my finger nails dirty. 

7. The man must know how to cook, since I will not have the chance to be always in the kitchen. 

8. He should not be a lavish.

What's your opinion on my conditions?.

Will you accept my offer?. Share your opinions.

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