Official Swallows announce their new coach

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MADIDA TO LEAD THE BIRDS Fani Madida is the possible man to take charge of Swallows FC after the departure of Brendon Truter. Swallows was relegated because of him,they want to go down again.Gavin Hunt was going to be good for the birds.

Poor defending has cost him the job, the players must understand that their poor showing in the field can deny other children their daily bread.They should bring back our player before they embarrass him when they get relegated.

If it wasn't swallows Last season.we as pirates could've won the league,now they getting back to where they suppose to be,serves them right.Swallow players need to be investigated as well especially the first half performance it was pathetic.

Swallows have been struggling for a while now. They even gave the coach a.special leave which I assume was a warning. When he was brought back surely they were hoping that he would welcome the second chance and turn things around. Unfortunately he's just been unlucky.  

The club is desperately fighting for survival and if they were to say they are still building ,I'm sure they would have let the coach stay and get relegated with him but, they want to remain in the elite league hence the sacking. They'd rather get a new coach to try and steady the ship



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