List of African Countries With The Highest Salary on Average


Most of the countries in the African continent are still developing and a lot of improvement has occurred despite the here and there challenges.

Here are the countries with the highest salary on average;

1.Libya $1.7k.

2.Zambia $1.4k.

3.South Africa $1.1k.

4. Namibia $753

5.Mauritius $666k.

6.Morocco $402k.

7.Zimbabwe $352k

8. Tanzania $321k

9.Ghana $313k.

10.Algeria $295k

Most of these countries are developing at a higher rate and there is a lot of investment by outsiders which in turn creates a lot of opportunities.

The figures are a net average salary per month.Incase you are looking for job opportunities, those are the countries you might consider.

In these countries there is a lot of opportunities which one ought to exploit and earn a living.Each an every day the world is changing and we need to be very innovative and creative so as to be able to compete favourably with others.

Job opportunities are there but you need to take a step and exploit the opportunity.Think big and always focus on the bigger picture.


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