Mission To Uplift Kenyans Unstoppable Say The Deputy President William Ruto

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The deputy president William Ruto was today at Mahoo Ward MCA Ronald Hanel Sagurani. While addressing the mourners he took a swipe on his boss president Uhuru Kenyatta. He asserted that his journey and mission to empower ordinary Kenyans would not be stopped by any one.

The leader has accused those in powerful positions of trying to abuse and misuse millions of Kenyans. His mission is to uplift the many Kenyans who are suffering in poverty. This is by creation of jobs and small scale businesses around the country.ladder. “Now, it is the time for these [poor] Kenyans to be at the centre of our national conversation through the revolutionary bottom-up economic model,” Ruto said.

Ruto further added that those who are threatened by his new people centered ideologies should prepare for the battle next year. Ruto said that his main aim is to engage with grassroot leaders to ensure conducive environment for peasant farmers and small-scale entrepreneurs.

The second in command seems to be bitter with the remarks made by president Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday. The head of state called for him to resign from government which he is attacking it daily. He cannot be attacking the same government which he works for.

On the other hand the OKA coalition principals were expected to meet with Uhuru Kenyatta today. This however, did not happen due to the inauguration ceremony of Zambia's new president. The president and ODM boss Raila Odinga were guests in the ceremony.

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