Tragic events: See How these 10 People Were Killed by their Own Pets

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Men love to keep animals like dogs and cats as pets but some people have chosen to keep wild animals as pets in their house. Sometimes, these pets become very disastrous when they turn against their masters and kill them. Severally, this tragic event have taken place in many places in the world and we have gathered some of these reports for our readers to see.

Below are tragic events, where wild animals kept as pets kill their owners.

1. Al Abell killed by his Pet lion

An Illinois man, Al Abell was killed by his pet lion Simba. According to reports, Abell and his wife raised Simba since it was a cub. His first attempt to clean the lions cage alone was his last day, as the lion turned on him and killed him.

2. Marius Els Killed by his pet Hippopotamus

A farmer Marius Els was killed by his pet hippo Humphrey. It was reported that he took the hippo as his son and treated it as one but unfortunately for him, he was killed by something he referred to as his son. This incident happened on 2011 in South Africa.

3. Kelly Ann Walz Mauled by pet Bear

Kelly Ann Walz, a Pennsylvania woman was killed by her pet Bear in 2009. It was reported that she was killed while trying to clean the bear's cage. Kelly's children witnessed the horrific scene and the neighbour killed the bear as it was mauling Kelly. It was also added that Kelly's husband had the license to keep exotic animals such as lions and other wildlife that just expired a year earlier.

4. Terry Vance Garner killed by his Pigs

Terry Vance Garner, a farmer that reared livestock animals was killed by his own pigs. It was believe that the pigs knocked him off and killed him before devouring his body. During investigations, only Terry's dentures and an undisclosed body part was found in the scene of the event.

5. Alexander Hall killed by her Viper

We all know that Vipers are very venomous and one of the most dangerous animals to keep at home. Alexander Hall was killed by her own Urutu pit viper in 2004. She was actually able to drive herself to the hospital but died a week after the incident.

6. Toddler Strangled to death

Jane Hare and Charles Darnell were sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for third degree murder and child neglect in 2011. This is because of the death of their two years old daughter who was strangled by their pet snake. It is believed that the snake escaped it's enclosure and attack the girl in her crib. It was reported that the snake weighed 13 pounds while a normal python should weigh upto 150 pounds, which means it was being starved.

7. Pam Weaver killed by her Camel

Pam Weaver, a 60 years old woman was humped to death by her Camel. The horny Camel was reported to have pinned the woman down and tried to straddle her.

8. Mark Voegal killed by his Spider

Mark Voegal was said to have been killed by his Black Widow Spider. In 2004, there was a complaint of a strange smell coming from Mark Voegal's apartment. When the police arrived at scene, they saw Mark Voegal's body lying on the floor covered with spider webs and spiders were crawling in and out of some parts of his body. It was believed that he died from a bite from his pet spider. He also had other creatures like termites and reptiles, they were all out of their cages and feeding on Mark Voegal's corpse.

9. Norman Buwanlda killed by tiger

Tigers are dangerous creatures and are not meant to be kept as pet but this man decided to keep a tiger as a pet and suffered the consequences. A Siberian Tiger mauled this 66 years old man in 2010.

10. Ricky Weinhold killed by his pet Bull

Ricky Weinhold was killed by his pet Bull in 2010. The bull was reported to have caused trouble before when it broke some of Weinhold's ribs, the year before. The bull was said to have gored Ricky to death.

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