Teachers salaries to be delayed by two weeks.

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Teachers salaries to be delayed by two weeks.

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is regarded as the best commission to advocate for teachers in Kenya from recruiting, wellness and also salaries just like other organizations which represent teachers and other workers around the world.

From the beginning of this year January the Teachers Service Commission has been authorizing teachers salaries between date 23-26 of every month. 

But in June things changed but it was a good change because teachers were paid on date 15 which was 10 to 12 days earlier than other months. It was because financial year closes in the mid June that's why teachers get paid earlier. 

Now the bad news for teachers is that the July salary will be delayed by two weeks. It is expected to be released between Friday 6 and Friday 12 August 2021. The cause of this delay is due to transition from previous financial year to 2021-2022 financial year. 

It is bad news because teachers were not informed in June when they got early payments that for July will come late.

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