Is This Appropriate? Pastor Prays For Baby Daddies To Marry Thier Baby Momma's. (Video)

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An Up and coming Swazi Prophet who goes the name of 'Majar V' has taken it upon himself to reduce the number of children growing up with single parents.

The charismatic prophet was heard asking the congregation if there's any young men who have had children in wedlock and have not made any immediate plans to marry the mother of Thier children.

You can watch the video here.

The prophet proceeded "Stop acting like a cheese boy yet you know that you have done wrong."

He went on to ask the baby daddies "who is going to marry your burden?"

According to him, after he has prayed for the baby daddies at least five will return next week and confirm that they have married Thier baby Momma's.

A group of approximately 20 Young men made thier way to the front of the excited congregation. Prophet Major V then proceeded to pray for the baby daddies.

Wether his prayers will work or not is yet to be seen. However his efforts of trying to build a solid family structure for children to grow up in is commended.

Do you think the pastor is within his bounds? Should he perhaps not get involved in the love life of his congregants until he is asked directly. I want to hear your opinion.

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