Habits That Will Keep You Poor For The Rest Of You Life.


Nobody wants to be poor in life, which is why there are habits that need to be discouraged from adopting.

1. You are still waiting to start your journey of success. Most people are stuck saying there is no enough capital to start a business, on the other hand there are people busy making good use of whatever little they have.

2. When you earn more you spend more. For you to stay out of debts, you will need to find a way to earn more or spend less. You can earn more by creating multiple streams of income and cutting off unnecessary expenses.

3. You complain instead of committing. As long as you keep making lame excuses while doing nothing, then you have a direct ticket to the land of poverty.

4. You live for today, hoping tomorrow will care for its worries. Most people remain poor because they focused on short-term goals such as buying luxury item.

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