Kenyan flowers are in high demand by Netherlands and China." Cash on delivery for exported flower"


Kenyan flowers are on higher demand by Chinese and Netherlands.

Kenya has been amongst the leading counties in Africa exporting flowers to foreign nations. Flowers from Kenya unlike other nations have got stronger scent and are very bright in colours.

Amongst the flowers being exported are sourghums red head, papyrus reeds flower, Cactus fruits, babies breaths, roses,lilies, sun flowers amongst other flowers.

Flowers with brighter colors that grow in our homesteads like weeds are also in higher demand.

Why are flowers from kenya in high demand.

1. Its low season.

Low seasons are times when European nations are on winter which disenable them from growing flowers .

Most of this countries are facing winter increasing the demand for flowers.

Companies in kenya such as Zedgee, Imani flowers pays sh.8 per steam which paleted flowers going for ksh.18 bob per steam.

Imagine having ten thousand stems that about ksh 80000 to 180,000 respectively.

Exporting directly to dutch actuneers are even better.

2. Good climate

Kenya has a very good climate that supports flowers. Flowers in kenya takes three to four months to mature will for European takes six months to mature.

Today most flowers are grown on the fields in areas with warm climates.Example of this flowers are babies breathe, lily and sunflower.

The good climate in kenya makes kenyan flowers to be strong scented and brighter in colours. This makes them very attractive in the market.

3. Free cost of exportation.

Exportation of flowers in kenya are not charged. Instead the government only charges for farm input such as fertilizer.

This free exportation have lead to quick delivery of flowers while very fresh