Governor Relocates To Nairobi, Orders A Chopper To Be Flying His Family To Nairobi Anytime They Like


Stories of corruption no longer faze Kenyans. It has become the usual song in the country. It raises eyebrows though when a governor abandons his home county to operate from Nairobi. Worse still, through county government coffers he hires a chopper to be flying his family to Nairobi almost on a daily basis.

According to The Star, the accused governor is said to be governing his county remotely. He lives in Nairobi and directs the affairs of his people from there. If you want to see him you have to make a trip to the capital city. Devolution was brought to end centralized form of government. This is form of governance where all decisions come from one executive body located at the capital city. With Kenyan Constitution (2010) county governments bring service directly to their people. It saddens to learn that a governor is denying his electorate that opportunity.

Not everyone from his county has to make that long journey to Nairobi though. It is reported that his family members have been well catered for using county government funds. Whenever he misses them or they miss him, they only have to hop into a chopper and visit him. The trips are costing his electorate millions of shillings daily. Money that could have been used to bring development to the people.

It is also reported that the governor might be earning a lot of money through this scheme. According to The Star, the governor's brother is the owner of the helicopters being leased. County residents have vowed to expose this mismanagement of funds and plunder going on in their county.