King Kaka's Wife Nana Owiti Opens Up On Her Struggle With Impostor Syndrome


Nana Owiti is the wife to Kenyan rapper Kennedy Ombima alias King Kaka.

Photo: Nana Owiti

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Apart from being a wife she is also a brand influencer and a TV presenter at Switch TV. She co-hosts the 6 PM entertainment show dubbed 'Chatspot' alongside Joyce Maina and Kush Tracey.

The sassy mother of two is arguably among the fastest-rising media personalities currently in the country.

Ever since she joined the Red Cross-owned TV station in February 2020, Nana Owiti has undoubtedly garnered huge number of fans from her show due to her bubbly personality.

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However like everyone who has faced various challenges on one time or the other, the 'Chatspot' show host has recently opened up on one of her major challenges.

This was via a Q&A session with her fans online, where she revealed that she has been struggling with Impostor Syndrome for sometime now.

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When a fan complimented her and inquired on how to deal with low self-esteem, Nana Owiti infact revealed that she faces the same problem and always looks herself in the mirror in order to gain confidence.

" Asante sana. To be quite honest I doubt myself every once in a while. Impostor Syndrome I tell you...but I'm not where I was a year ago. I talk to myself on a mirror almost on a daily. I have to remind myself who I am". Part of her response read.

The mother of two also offered some possible solutions on how to navigate it, by believing in yourself more and surrounding yourself with positive-minded people.

Impostor Syndrome (IS) refers to an internal experience of believing that you are not as competent as others think you are.

It's a phenomenon that occurs to an individual and not a mental disorder. It is characterized by signs like self-doubt, attributing one's success to external factors and fear of not living up to one's expectations among others.