Man charged for theft of a luggage of which he lost while drinking


A 44 year old man was charged at Makadara law courts with theft, of allegedly stealing a trolley with luggage and lost the luggage while drinking in a pub in Muthurwa.

The man's name is Paul wamathina Wamathare. Paul was accused of stealing 80 kilograms on ndengu [green grams] and 40 kilograms of beans. All of these belonged to a woman by the name of Joyce Kwamboka Orina. The goods were valued at a price of ksh. 16,800. the incident happened on May 16.

Luckily, Wamathare accepted all the charges and explained that he had left the luggage outside a pub when he had gone to 'quench his thirst', only to find it missing from the trolley.

The chief magistrate by the name of Heston Nyaga inquired on whether the names [Wamaitha and Wamathare] were his official names and why and how he got them.

Joyce explained that she had sent her brother to deliver the cereals to her client in town.

The brother then stopped in the OTC area to answer a call of nature and left the trolley outside. This is when Wamathina had an opportunity to go away with it. He took the luggage together with the trolley and disappeared with it.

After this, Joyce then filled a report to the police for the lost luggage. Wamathina was later traced with every step he had taken, and arrested near Ngara post office but with only the trolley. The luggage was not recovered.

Wamathare was released on a cash bail of ksh. 5000. Hearing of the case start on September 9.