See What A Lady Found Inside A Meat Pie She Bought That Made Many To React on Social Media

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The way things are going nowadays one has to be careful with things one buys because people tend to deceive people by claiming to sell stuff but when you buy the things they claimed they are selling you might not be getting you to want.

That is why it is better to get things from people you trust because the world has turned to everyone is looking for a way to get rich quickly not caring for the people they hurt in the process.

However, just to shed more light on my point why we should be careful of buying things from people we trust let look at the news a popularly well-known news Instagram page, Instablog9ja recently discloses on their Instagram page. And according to them, a lady bought meat pie in Onitsha, Anambra State in Nigeria. But after she cut the meat pie to eat she discovered that there was no meat inside the meat pie but they put an egg inside the meat pie.

And this came as a surprise to many because a meat pie should always comprise of meat inside of it. So one can easily see that why people should always buy things from people they trust.

Here are people reacting to the post made by instablog9ja

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