VIDEO| Operation Dudula members has no right to force the ruling party for the creation of jobs

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Operation Dudula claims government is ignoring the plight of unemployed graduates. It's calling for the creation of more job opportunities. Concern has been raised about the country's high unemployment rate. #DStv403 #eNCA

The problem is this confused movement don't understand economics, government is not a job creator but their job is to make the environment good for job creation and investor friendly at the moment ANC is not offering either crime levels are high, kidnapping of business people vigilantes, business intimidation is on the rife and the failure to protect private property and laws.

Too many companies are closing down and many wealthy people migrating they will be crying for western and other foreign investors to come and invest in SA but you closing the door on your own, white people who got the capital and resources to create jobs shutting them out of tenders etc and other business opportunities. All these pressure parties are crying about jobs but don't have plans or clues about job creation they are also part of the problem, they are scaring investors sort your back garden firstThere are no jobs because the government won't make jobs the government is there to accept your ideas and fund you, the problem is you pitch ideas which don't develop the country its the people who develop a country not a party or government


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