You cannot be Schooled by Primary School Teacher: Jordan Takes a Jab at Ghana Football Association

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- On Ghana Official who allegedly visited Senegal

SAFA President took another jab at Ghana Football Association. He was responding to GFA claims that they were late to submit their complain, which meant that their complain could be invalid according to GFA claims. Jordan said SAFA knows exactly what they are doing. They have more experience than the current administration at Ghana. They have achieved a lot compared to them. They know their way around the rules and regulation. They managed to host the FIFA world cup back in 2010 which was quite successful.

Jordan said as SAFA you cannot allow yourself to be schooled by a primary school teacher whereas you a university professor. We can not be schooled by people who are still new in the administration.

He recons if you open a case for example in a police station they must investigate because they have the capacity they must follow the lead. FIFA has the capacity to investigate such cases.

The referee was very poor in the first half. He was better in the begining of second half because Ghana were leading. However according to Danny Jordan he was yet again horrible towards the end of the second half.

Jordan confirmed that they also want FIFA to investigate the Ghana official who is alleged to have travel to senegal before the game.

FIFA can easily investigate this matter They can go to border controls to check records regarding these allegation.

It was a last match anything could have happen between both teams such dramatic events normally happens during the last match. SAFA will be hoping to receive feedback from FIFA very soon. We are heading towards the festive season. It will be Christmas in coupler weeks to come. SAFA will be hoping that FIFA gives them their Christmas present regarding this matter.

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