Meet Edith Muchoki, Samidoh's Beautiful Wife [Photos]


After the currently trending Kikuyu Secular Musician, Samidoh penned a moving apology to his family and fans on his alleged love ordeal with the city businesswoman and lawyer, Karen Nyamu, photos of his wife have emerged online, clearly showing how hot and endowed she is on matters beauty.

Samidoh and his wife Edith reportedly met when they were in high school, loved each other and later their love blossomed into marriage which saw them being blessed with two children.

Samidoh has been able to keep his family off the social media, but the ordeal with Karen Nyamu forced the wife to become public where they have been engaging each other with bitter exchanges.

On their side, Samidoh and Karen have come to public to denounce the love allegation, claiming that they were just friends. On the other hand, the photos and videos posted on social media platforms confirming the lengths of their relationship.

The photos of Samidoh's wife have caused an online uproar, with many netizens trolling Samidoh, where they were arguing that she is hotter than Karen Nyamu.