Kaduna: Drama As Officer Allegedly Arrests Man Who Cloned His Motorcycle To Four Wheels (Photos)

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As Kaduna State government has imposed a ban on motorbikes due to security concerns. A report in the Daily Nigerian continues to draw public attention as Kaduna State police have allegedly arrested a man who cloned his two- to a four-wheeled motorcycle for violating the state's motorcycle ban.

 As can be seen in the two photos published by the newspaper on its verified Facebook page, a police officer is standing and talking to the alleged perpetrator. The man added two tires to the back of his machine, which resembled a wagon, which he used to carry a bag of foodstuff.

See the photos below;

The article has caught the attention of Facebook users where most of them consider it a joke. Some demanded that the police detain him for violating the law, but others demanded that the authorities release him on the run in search of food.

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