27 Years old man Slapped With 32 Years Jail Term for Defiling a 14 Years old Girl

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A man known by the name Evans Shiundu, who nationality is in question has been imprisoned for 32 years in court by a Busia court.

The 27 years old man has been given an alternative option of paying a fine of 30 million shillings for abducting a 14 years old girl from Bungoma.

Evans Shiundu who pleaded guilty of trafficking the young girl has been using the girl as a house maid in her house without any pay.

While making the rulling, justice Lucy Ambasi said that the suspect has been working closely with a larger group of criminals who have been abducting mostly the school girls.

She also revealed that the cases of abduction have been on the rise in the country and most of the victims end up in Uganda.

She further warned those behind such acts and promised a strict punishment for the curprits who will be found guilty of this offence.

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