I was raped physically and emotionally, says Amanda Du-pont.

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It has further been taken to social media by skeem Saam actress 'Amanda Du-pont' that she was raped emotionally and physically for two years by jub jub. She further said, 'the only thing I did wrong was to keep quiet, but it ends here'.

It all started when the podcaster "Jub Jub" went to a podcast with mac G talking about Amanda as one of her exes saying he only wanted to smash her and run. It then started a conflict as the actress 'Amanda' felt humiliated and feeling that the two has dragged her name for clout at the cost of implying a gender based violence case.

This topic has been causing a stir in social media between the opposite genders because others assume Amanda is lying because she has been holding this matter for so long enough while others believe that it is unfit for people to find Jub Jub until proven.

So fellows what's your view on this one?

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