"Not Good Enough" Manchester United Fans Spot What Is Holding Them Back From Challenging City


Manchester united played London side Chelsea in a cagey affair at the Stamford Bridge stadium with neither side really fashioning clear goalscoring chances.

United fans have however lashed on one man they feel is holding their side back as they think Ole Gunnar Solkjaer is not elite enough to handle their squad.

The Old Trafford based club boast of arguably one of the best squads in the premier league with the manager blessed with a plethora of talented players.

The manager has now come under scathing attack from the fan base who feel his tactics are not giving his players an opportunity to express themselves.

"Our manager is so conservative with his approach play. Our squad is decent enough to rival any team." spotted a first fan.

"Ole is not good enough to be our manager, this is sadly a bitter pill to swallow."identified a second supporter.

"The board should be looking to replace Ole at the end of the season with a more inventive manager." added a third fan.

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