OPINION: Bandits have military standard weapons, see the Calibre of guns they returned in Zamfara.

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Bandits in Zamfara State have returned a total of 148 Guns and 1,418 Bullets in just 18 months. At first you might think these Bandits simply use Dane guns or other basic piece of military gear. Suprisingly, they don't use only these low calibre fire arms. They use military Standard guns.

The Bandits have returned 127 AK 47 riffles, 8 FN rifles, 3 G3 rifles, 2 AK 49 riffles, 1418 ammunition rounds, 5 light weight Machine guns, 8 General purpose Machine guns, 3 LAR riffles, 3 AK 103 riffles, 2 Anti Aircraft guns, 2 Dane guns, 1 pistol, 1 R/Pistol, 1 L/Pump Action, 1 PKT gun, and 44 magazines.

See pictures of these kinds of guns.

GPMG Riffles

Ak 47

Ak 49

FN Riffles

G3 Riffles

Light weight Machine guns

LAR riffles

Revolver Pistols

L/ Pump Action Riffles

Original pictures of the guns recovered from the Bandits

Total Fire arms recovered from the Bandits

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The are the Calibre of sophisticated weapons these Bandits use. No wonder they are not afraid of men of the Nigerian Army. Their weapons are of almost the same standard. Like the GPMG Riffles are meant for heated battles, but these Bandits have them.

They surrendered these weapons because the Governor Bello Matawalle had promised cows in return for the fire arms.

It is a good step in the right direction trying to recover these dangerous weapons from these criminals. However, promising them incentives like cows would only encourage more people to join these criminals.

The Berryl is the Nigerian Army standard riffle

With these calibre of weapons at their disposal it is easier for us to understand why they seem unstoppable.

This raises a very important question. How did they purchase these guns?

Who bought the guns for them?

Who is sponsoring them?

Clearly the bandits themselves cannot purchase these for themselves

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