Common foods you should not eat when treating white discharge and gonorrhea


Hello welcome back to RationalT news. Today, I will be talking about foods you need to desist from, when treating yeast infections or gonorrhea

Many people have been taking in many oral medicines and others that are not taking orally but still nothing is changing

It's just because, the moment you are killing the germs, you are still giving them something that will make them strong. It's very important to also see your doctor the moment you realize anything of that type

But before that, these are the foods you need to stop eating or taking into your stomach when treating yeast infections or gonorrhea.

Milk, or milk based foods, alcohol or alcoholic beverages, sugar or sugary foods or sweets

Never give up in treating yourself when you have gonorrhea or white discharge. Just make sure in the process of treatment, avoid the foods I mentioned earlier within few days you will be fine

Please share with friends and family. Many people are complaining about the medicines they are using to treat gonorrhea that they are not effective but it's rather the foods they're eating that's making the bacterials not to go away permanently

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