I Wouldn't have come to University if I had known this is how new students are treated -Young boy

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This is how new students are treated at university, and I would not have come if I had known this before - Young boy says.

Every institution in Ghana featured a variety of clubs and organizations, and these organizations worked hard to attract a large number of new students to its ranks. Some of these organizations include scripture unions, personal groups, and other similar organizations. In contrast, the majority of new students at the university experience stress as a result of their frequent trips to the dorms in an attempt to persuade them to join their group of friends and classmates.

Young Ghanaian men between the ages of 19 and 23 years old have spoken up about the stress they experienced as first-year students at the University of Cape Coast. The men have not been identified. It was said by the young man that he would not have bothered to attend the university had he known how difficult it would be to be a first-year student at the institution. He claims that when you are in your room, three or four individuals will stroll in and say, "We are from News G, we want to get to know our members, and you are welcome to the school." He believes that this will happen to you.

As soon as one group has finished introducing themselves, another will come up and deliver a similar message in an attempt to get them to join theirs. Aposa and PENSA are two of the groups that he highlighted, but the most terrible group, in his opinion, is those that come to their rooms to sell panties, brassieres, and undergarments. The young man went on to say that these organizations have seriously disrupted their tranquility since, as soon as you make the decision to sleep, they will walk in and interrupt your slumber.

As a result, he sought therapy at a local hospital since the stress he was experiencing was causing him to suffer from headaches. The young man expressed himself as follows: "It is simply too much for me to handle just two weeks of school with this level of stress. If someone had warned me ahead of time that this is how things work, I would not have shown up at all. Attending school at UCC is already a stressful experience, and these organisations are adding to the stress by visiting us on a regular basis. It's possible that I won't return after my trip".

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