All What The Ministers Known Is Ex-gratia But Can Not Develop The Country- Twene Jonas.


According to Twene Jonas, a Ghanaian social media celebrity living in the United States, who is known for comparing Ghana with the U.S, all the ministers of the state don’t care about the nation but all that they know is to tame their ex-gratia after every four years of being unproductive.

He said in a video posted on his Instagram page that he doesn't even understand how the money borrowed from other developed countries are being used because there is no development in the country in terms of infrastructure and so on. He even commented on the drainage system of Accra, where when it rains, there is also flooding.

He also said that developing a country doesn't include sitting at Parliament House but the creation of jobs for the citizens of the country, so that the citizens don’t become armed robbers and prostitutes.

He even lamented on the fact that the current government have neglected all the developmental projects of the previous government and even used the Saglemi housing project as an instance.

Do you agree with the comments of Twene Jonas concerning the leaders?