Possible Complications Of Meningioma Surgery

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Meningiomas are benign tumours in the vast majority of cases arising from the meninges and therefore carry a good therapeutic prognosis. Meningiomas may be affected by female intercourse hormones and therefore occur more frequently in women. Also, ionizing radiation is a recognized risk factor and it is known that there is a direct causal link between radiation therapy and the appearance of meningiomas.

Meningiomas grow over many years and very slowly, so they may be hidden for a long time before diagnosis. The symptoms arise from the location of the tumour and include headaches, personality and behavioural disorders, difficulty with attention, memory or thinking, limb weakness or convulsions.

According to Cleveland Clinic, Surgery to partially or fully discard a meningioma is a complex procedure that’s not without certain risks and complications. Some possible complications that might come with this process include; 

. Brain swelling after surgery, which can steer to brain harm.

. Injury to cranial nerves, which can affect a variety of functions such as your sight, ability to move your face or ability to swallow, depending on meningioma location

. Fluid buildup around your brain after surgery (cerebral oedema), which can lead to brain damage.

. Unexpected harm to normal brain tissue, which can induce problems with your ability to think, see or speak.

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