Ishmael's ghost needs Justice. Act fast on the case and let him sleep in peace - Relatives hints.


Death is very painful and as the saying goes everyone will climb the ladder of death. Indeed, no one will turn to a stone. We shall all taste death or until the second coming of Jesus Christ.

It is barely 3 weeks today when a terrible death hits the township of Kasoa as 10-year-old boy by the name Ishmael was murdered painfully but his friends who stay in the same locality.

This news has been one of the most trending news over the days and the latest update on it was finally revealed by Adom TV and Kingdom news this Evening.

According to the news, the relatives of Ishmael storms the court today with a new docket as they demand early justice for their dead son Ishmael.

According to them, Ishmael can not sleep in peace as far as the court is still playing delay tactics on the case.

" Ishmael's ghost needs justice and it must be done immediately so that he can rest in peace. Act fast on the case and let our son rest in perfect peace" - Ishmael's relatives drop their notice to the court.

They again demanded that one of the murderers by the name Nicholas Kani is not 17 years as he said to the police and he is 18 years old, only that he wanted to escape the consequences that are associated with being 18 years and beyond.