What Kisii Youths Did That Made Them to 'Positively' Identify Women Suspected to be Witches

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It was bloodshed and wailing in Morero village, Marani sub-county, Kisii County, on Sunday, October 17, as four women were lynched after they were suspected of bewitching a 17-year-old boy.

According to a local media, culturally, as per Kisii residents, a bewitched person is made to lie on his back and each villager is made to take a Bible place it on the 'victim' and whispers 'heal' as they spit saliva on him or her.

“If the victim's zombie status disappears during your turn on the queue, then you are responsible for bewitching,” said a villager who spoke to the media house.

When it was the turn of one of the women the results turned positive. It is then that she was forced to name her 'accomplice' which led to the arrest of the other three women at their homesteads.

It is further reported that the women who were suspected to be witches were not interrogated. It was all about instant justice as their properties were vandalized in the process.

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