Affordable And Small Storey Building House Designs For Small Families That Will Blow Your Mind


Having one's own house, a place to call a home is something that every single person desires. With shelter being part of the basic necessities of man, your priority list can never be complete if it doesn't have owning a home in there. Affording a plot of land in Ghana is one of the most difficult tasks to complete as a Ghanaian, especially if you are not financially fit.

Your plot of land bought at ten thousand Ghana Cedis can just be sold to someone else at fifteen thousand, without even refunding you. So, the least plot of land you own must be put to good use.

If you are thinking of getting yourself a quarter or half plot somewhere around Accra or any other part of the country, then these amazing designs should help you. Building a small storey house should be the right option to choose. With a storey building, you can get a couple of bedrooms, a kitchen, living room and even a dining hall sitting on a very small part of your plot.

This will help save some small space for your car packing, and your little toddlers crawling age. These amazing houses should inspire your small family home, a small place from the outside but a big home inside. Check out the designs and kindly share with a friend.