4 Ways To Get Free Food without Money

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1. Use Supermarket Cashback Apps

Sometimes, but not always, supermarket cashback apps give free food. You can find some freebies on the app either at a discount or free. To get free food, you just need to download cashback apps and check eligibility criteria. Then buy the product, scan the product’s barcode or receipt and you get your cashback. You can get 100% cashback or less, but you will have saved some cash.

2. Look for Waste Food at Supermarkets and Restaurants

There is a lot of waste food at supermarkets and restaurants that is safe for consumption and you can get it for free. You can walk into a restaurant or a supermarket and ask if they have waste food. Also, there are stores coming up that use the policy "pay as you feel". You can work in such a store in exchange for free food.

3. Become a Mystery Diner

Some restaurants use Mystery Dinners to ensure that their food and services are up to the standards. As such, they hire mystery diners to eat their food and then review it. Apart from just eating food for free, you get paid too.

4. Free Food on Your Birthday

There are many restaurants that offer free food to their loyal customers on their birthdays. To get free food grabs on your birthday, you need to sign up for a restaurant’s loyalty program. When it is your birthday, they offer you free food

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