Similarities Between Maxine Wabosha And Foi Wambui

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It's true that each of us is unique and special. Sometimes, however, nature amazes us with astonishing coincidences. Some scientists even claim that each person has 7 twins.

Today we are going to look how similar Ms. Wambui and Ms. Wabosha are. The two beautiful young talented souls has proved that you can have beauty with brains at the same time.

So before wasting any time, here are similarities between Maxine Wabosha and Foi Wambui.

1. They both have a perfect smile.

2. Both are intelligent. Wabosha is a mechanical engineer by profession while Foi dropped out from a law school, meaning she was a 'A' grade material.

3. Both of them are youtubers.

4. They both have a baby face appearance.

5. They are short.

6. Both are from Kikuyu community.

7. Both have a perfect slim body.

8. Both looks good with short hair.

9. They both love fashion.

10. They are both in their early 20s.

12. They both look good with or without makeup.

13. Both are Kenyans.

14. Both are Beautiful.

14. They both know how to rock head wraps.

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