Kenya Kwanza Alliance blamed for not allowing other candidates to address the public in mount Kenya

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NaDuring the past events in Mount Kenya, the Kenya Kwanza Alliance has declared a vote hunt movement to seek for over 8 million votes in the region. The event has been very competitive to the aspirants vying for different positions in different political parties. In Mount Kenya, alot of small parties had been formed to champion different elective seats.

Some of the aspirants from TSP and Chama cha Kazi had blamed Kenya Kwanza' for not allowing them to address the crowd. They claimed that they have been persuaded to back Ruto's bid and therefore there are confused when the United Democratic Alliance candidates are given chance while to them they are isolated. During the DP’s tour, the biggest casualty in Nyandarua was Speaker Wahome Ndegwa who wants to unseat Governor Francis Kimemia.

Mr Wahome was openly frustrated and rejected by his Chama cha Kazi party leader Moses Kuria, who appealed to the voters to elect UDA candidate Kiarie Badilisha. This has brought a lot of chaos in Mount Kenya amongst other aspirants indifferent parties.

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