'Daydreamers'; Angry Magoha Dares Critics Who Are Planning To Halt The (CBC)


The Education Cabinet Secretary (CS) Professor. George Magoha has critically told off those criticizing the Competecy Based Curriculum "CBC)", whereby he has indicated that the Kenyan government will not stop the implementation of the new educational curriculum.

Mr. Magoha has reportedly told off those seeking to have the new curriculum halted as daydreamers, whereby he added on that, the (CBC) is the most transformative and informative thing he has ever seen in his life time.

“The (CBC) is here to stay. In my life time it is the most transformative and innovative thing I have ever witnessed. I was used to be worried that our teachers would compromise it, but now even the teachers love it so much,” says CS. Magoha.

“The persons saying that they will stop this, you are actualy daydreamers…We are not going to stop anymore.”

Magoha was speaking today during a breakfast meeting with the Educational stakeholders to talk about the concerns, which have been raised on the (CBC).

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